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Magnetic Autocontrol Parking Gate

Much more than just up and down! Our range consists of numerous vehicle access barriers that can be optimally adapted to your requirements regarding width, opening speed, functionality and accessories. Some things that all our barriers have in common are their robust and extremely service-friendly design, their innovative and economical MHTMâ„¢ drive technology and, of course, their extraordinary service life of up to 10,000,000 opening and closing cycles.

Straight Boom Gate

Retractable Boom Gate

Barrier width (max)
Opening speed
Power max
3,5 m
2,2 s
25 watt
5,0 m
4,0 s
30 watt
Access Pro
3,5 m
1,3 s
95 watt
Access Pro L
6,0 m
4,0 s
25 watt
Access Pro H   
6,0 m
4,0 s
25 watt
Access XL 2
8,5 m
6,0 s
17 watt
Access XXL
10,0 m
8,0 s
30 watt


Smart Parking Gate

BD-NSN3M, servi barrier gate series, adopts international advanced technology, mechanical and electrical integrated design, Gear Drive, High Tourque, Un-blocked, Oil Tight, No Noise, Automaticallt self-locked when power off, with 10 MTBF million operation times.

The motor uses the DC 24V permanent magnet synchronous motor, apply to the global voltage, highspeed operation and rapid response, frequent in 24 hours does not heat, speed time can be adjusted based on the vehicle flow.

The series servo barrier gate is free debugging and free maintenance, achieve the fully automation and intelligentize, and the barrier arm open/close is fastand smooth, esay to use and safe.


Spesification :

Operating Temperature : -50˚C~+-85˚C

Power Supply : 24/100/240VA, 50/60Hz

Open/Close Speed : 0,9 sec - 8,0 sec

Rate Power : 200W - 400 W

Driving Method : Servo Motor

Relative Humidity : ≤90%

Remote Control Distance : ≤100m

Protection System : (IP)55

Motor Speed : 3000r/min

Max Boom Length : 3 meters