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Smiths Detection has the most comprehensive range of X-ray and EDS screening solutions in the industry. Whether you require a system for screening mail and parcels, personal bags at checkpoint security, baggage or freight, Smiths Detection has the technology and product to meet your needs.

HI-SCAN 5030si

A modular table-top system, the HI-SCAN 5030si is ideal for threat detection in mail rooms, entrance halls, prisons and schools where contact-free inspection of pouches, bags, letters or packages is required.

Providing high-quality image analysis, more than 3,000 HI-SCAN 5030si X-ray inspection systems have been installed worldwide.

The HI-SCAN has a small overall footprint, making it ideal for entrances with limited space. Can be incorporated with a caster module, allowing it to be easily wheeled to wherever personal belongings and other items need to be screened.


HI-SCAN 6040C is designed to screen bags, parcels and other objects for prohibited and dangerous items at building entrances.

Generating highly detailed, easily interpreted X-ray images, with a background-contrast function that improves the recognizability of objects on the screen.

Intelligent image-display functions support the operator in the rapid and reliable distinction of organic and inorganic threats.

It can also provide real-time diagnostics on its operating status, ensuring easy handling and troubleshooting.

HI-SCAN 7555i

The HI-SCAN 7555i provides high-quality image analysis for the screening of checked baggage and packages.

A compact X-ray inspection system with a tunnel opening of 755 (w) x 555 (h) [mm]. This tunnel size suits the unit to screening checked luggage and packages as well as briefcases, handbags and other small items.

The HI-SCAN 7555i offers operators optimum support in making decisions and reduces inspection times considerably with its online image analysis methods, and a new ergonomic man-machine interface.

HI-SCAN 100100T

The HI-SCAN 100100T is a state-of-the art X-ray inspection system for scanning objects up to a size of 100 x 100cm.

Designed to meet the needs of airports, customs facilities, transportation operations, carriers and parcel services – in applications where high security and the screening of large objects are required.

The low installation height of the conveyor system facilitates the connection of supplementary feed and/or discharge conveyor systems for heavy freight.